With an accumulative experience of over a decade of standard projects and international long-term projects – we retain a tremendous mileage of successes
(as we also learned painful lessons, which we help clients to avoid down the road).
With a pile of knowledge and experience we help our clients with:

Build an outline for a business plan / financial plan

Construction costs, H.R costs (“how many employees it takes to run a website?”), vendors expenses (CPA, attorney, insurance, etc.), marketing costs, capital expenditures and property maintenance expenses, office rent , projected revenue, forecast users, and more.

Investors presentation and preparing to recruit

Formulating the basic idea to a product by the vision and “packing” it into a compelling presentation that includes a summary of the business plan, project benefits and success rate potential. Preparing for a meeting with investors in order to well present the project and increase the chances of raising funds.

Initial planning for a project / site / app / marketing activitiy

Formulating the basic idea of a product, the vision and objectives, examining the practicability, and laying the basis of a real potential business venture.

Upgrading existing projects

The process includes a detailed examination of the current project activities, and creating an operative plan for improving outcomes and enhancing the product.

Building marketing strategy and marketing plan:

Choosing targets, objectives, audience, strengthening the value propositions of the project, locating and selecting marketing channels, performance monitoring, optimization, and more.

Detailed site / app definition

You won’t build a house without an architectural plan, right? Well, there’s no point planning a site or an app with “as you go” thinking.
Our full project definition combines aspects of marketing, commercial, user interface and user experience.
Complete definition can also include writing marketing content.

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